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Welcome Packs

Personalised boxes to suit your needs!

Personalised packs are a fantastic way to both impress and show appreciation for your employees and customers. The secret is in the detail; give your printed packaging an edge by not only personalising the box, but the carefully selected promotional merchandise that is inside too!

What can be personalised?

- The box lid can be designed however you would like

- The items inside

- The foam cut out which can be laser engraved

- The base of the boxes can only be black or white

What can they be used for?

- Welcome Packs

- Membership Packs

- Information Packs

- Media Packs or

- Gift Boxes

For Prices and more information, please contact us on 0118 40 22 777

Welcome packs

Drayton & IMGkyoceraHasbro

Introduction Pack


- 220 Square Box

 - 40mm debth 

Inside Goodies:

 - Engraved Card Holder

Suitcase &

 - A Sweet Tin

Partner Of Choice Pack


- A4 Box

- 35mm debth

 Inside Goodies:

 - Sunglasses

 - Keyring Tourch

- A Notepad & a Pen

Welcome Pack


 - Wine Box

 - 95mm debth

 Inside Goodies:

- X2 Round Sweet Tins

- USB &

- A Travel Mug

Stoke ParkBDKat Von D

Hotel Gift Pack


 - 220 Square Box

 - 40mm debth

 Inside Goodies:

- Mini Video Book

- Box of Chocolates

- Mints & a Tin of sweets

Information Pack


 - A4 Box

 - 50mm debth

Inside Goodies:

- A5 Video Book

- x2 Trolley Coin Keyrings, Highlighter

- Pen & a Powerbank

Exhibition Pack


 - A5 Box

 - 35mm debth 

 Inside Goodies:

- Lanyard &

- A engraved Pen

- Can be personalised

ActivisionA gift for JaneSizes

Conference Pack


 - Oblong Box

 - 30mm debth

Inside Goodies:

- Post It Note

- Wristband

- Powerbank & a Pen

Gift Pack


 - A5 Box

 - 35mm debth

 Inside Goodies:

- Sunglasses

- Mini Hip Flask &

- Lipbalm

Sizes Available:

 - Champagn / Wine Box, 95mm debth

- A4 Box, 50mm debth

- A4 Box, 35mm debth

- 220 Square Box, 80mm debth

- 220 Square Box, 40mm debth

- Oblong Box, 30mm debth

- A5 Box, 50mm debth

- A5 Box, 35mm debth

- A6 Box, 40mm debth

- A6 Box, 25mm debth

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