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Freshers are always on the lookout for free giveaways, making it important to pick the most cost effective yet unique products. You don't just want students to be able to pick up the same items from the range of stands, you want to make yourselves stand apart from the competition. That's where DRAYTON come in.

We will help to differentiate you from the standard items, and make sure your stand is the place to be! However, if you are just after the standard items, here is a small selection of what we can offer: T-Shirts/Hoodies, Drinkware, Bags, Pens, USB's, Wristbands, Sunglasses, etc.


Open Days

It goes without saying that open days are important for schools. It is important for schools to provide future students with information about the study programs and what they have to offer. Naturally, the priority is acquiring new students. After all, you can’t have a study program without students. The information that a school provides will influence the decision of the person in question.

Everyone likes getting gifts, and goody bags are perfect for providing information, together with small promotional items such as inexpensive printed pens, printed lanyards or inexpensive printed keychains. Gifts attract attention immediately. It is important for prospective students to be able to access the contact and study program details as soon as they get home. A great product for this is branded USB's. Once plugged in, these can automatically load up their course details and information.

For more information about University Open Days, Click Here.   


With so many events on at universities, the need for promotional items is huge. Anything from social events, to conferences and exhibitions, you will find what you are looking for at DRAYTON.

Branded fridge magents, t-shirts, bags and condoms are always popular giveaways for events, especially for special campaigns aimed at specific targets.

Another speciality for us is ensuring continuity of the university brand to outside organisations booking the onsite facilities for their event. Obvious items for conference bookings include notepads, pens, water bottles and glasses, confectionery, signage, and pull-up banners.



Student Outreach

Reaching out to younger audiences is an important function. Branded merchandise can be a perfect medium to embrace and create a long term impression.

Faculty Specific

We find merchandise themed to particular faculties can be a more effective way of differentiating the subject, making this form of advertising more memorable. For example, we have a range of products with a slant towards just about every faculty: medicine, history, languages, maths, and many more...

Marketing & Communications

There is an almost endless list of ideas to help communicate the university brand message from lanyards and clothing to maps and brochures. Our job is to advise the most appropriate item and design for the independent campaign.

Volunteers Officer

Volunteers working at events often need to be easily recognisable individuals. To achieve this, bright garments, hi-vis tops, bunting, balloons, bags, flags and marquees pinpoint these helpers.


The sale of merchandise to alumni is both a source of revenue for the university and a treasure piece for the purchaser. A win-win situation. The purchaser will often look for a smart well-designed, long-lasting item representing more of a status symbol of their own achievement. We can provide advice and ideas that fulfill this criteria.