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Client Visits

With so many recruitment agencies out there you need to ensure that you offer something different to everyone else. The best way to do that is face to face contact with potential employers. Why not take something with you that makes sure you are the first name they think of. Whether it be a desktop item, such as a mug or mousemat, or something more executive, like a personalised engraved pen. 






Recruitment fairs are a great way of trying to attract new businesses to use your services. Having the perfect giveaway will always help to sway the decision your way. If you can provide them with something useful that they will keep, and still keep the costs down then you are on to a winner. At DRAYTON we will help to find you the ideal product, within your budget, to your requirements. 






It's all well and good having the customers use you for your services, but if you don't have the resources to support them, then they are likely to look elsewhere. Advertising is the perfect way to increase both the customer base and job applicants. With an ever growing list, you will soon be the one everyone wants to work with.






Recruitment Agencies Client Visits
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