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Why not create a Promotional product with a twist - literally! More than just a promotional item, these endless puzzles are a real form of 3D media, allowing you to communicate effectively. The opportunities are vast, but here is a selection of our favourite picks


 3x4 Revolving Calendar Cube.

Visible and fun, and ideal for showing off your products and services. Each of the 12 cubes can be printed on, allowing you to create up to 4 mosaics, and the base and top panels are also fully customizable.

500 pieces MOQ.

Revolving Calendar


Magic Cube.

You'll never want to put it down! From a flight of stairs to a cuboid, the Magic Cube transforms into them all, with picture following picture in an infinite loop. Ideal for product launches, as a 3D catalogue, an invitation - the list goes on! 

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.

Magic Cube


Magic Ellipse.

Precise and elegant, the Magic Ellipse is an ideal tool for product launches, sales aids, calendars or invitations! The large and even surface will allow you to create detailed campaigns, giving excellent results.

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.



Magic Card 160.

Magical touch and feel in a 2mm card, unfolding in a seemingly endless pattern. It's format makes it ideal for event giveaways, brochure inserts or mailshot supplements. 

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.

Magic Card


Magic House.

Ideal for estate agents, insurers or banks - a folding sculpture in the form of a house! Each object is tailored to fit making each Magic House as individual as your product making sure your message comes across with a magic touch.

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.



Magic Disk.

You'll be amazed at how much information you can fit into 1cm of a folding puzzle! Perfect as a mailing booster, spreading your message in a fun puzzle that will no doubt keep everybody's fingers busy during that next meeting.

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.



Magnetic 360 Round Calendar.

Turn your calendar into an engaging desk accessory. Each block is connected by magnets that you can pull, rotate and connect. Perfect for keeping your hands busy during those long phone calls!

500 pieces MOQ. Full colour customisation.

Round Calendar


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