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Council Specifics

Councils - What works?

Safety Campaigns

Road Safety Campaigns are vital in providing a safer place to live. These help to raise awareness of the potential risks on the streets and to ensure that drivers of all ages remain safe and confident. Typical giveaways include reflective bags, torches, clothing, wristbands and reflectors.





Promoting Recycling

Recycling is becoming more and more important, but lots of people won't understand the benefits of recycling. Reasons to recycle; Recycling saves raw materials, Recycling costs less, Recycling reduces our impact on climate change, Recycling generates cash, Recycling creates jobs and Recycling helps us towards sustainable living. There are many ways of promoting recycling, one being promotional merchandise. With items made from recycled sources, to recycle bin shaped products, there are many ways to put the message across.




Raising Money for the Community

This can take the forms of many different events, ranging from coffee mornings to concerts, but can also include sponsored events such as marathons. The most important part of these events is the community; the volunteers, the supporters and their friends and families. Without them the event wouldn't take place. So why not reward them for their hard work with a memento of the day. You could also have inexpensive gifts to help promote the event before it takes place, as well as during the event. Depending on the type of event your giveaways could range from beach balls and paper fans, to hand warmers and beanies.

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