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In these tough times we at Drayton have put together a selection of items that will help to combat the Coronavirus and also allow companies to keep working from home with as little disruption as possible. From PPE to working from home kits, fitness at home to keeping kids occupied. Don't forget to keep in contact with team members working remotely. Good luck to all.

Work from Home


Home Office Essentials

Items to make the transition from working in the office to home as smooth as possible.



PPE Products

Our range of personal protective equipment to help keep you safe and protected.

Social Awareness


Social Awareness

Welcome your staff back with a hygiene gift box tailored to the new era we find ourselves in.



Printed Signs

Inform and maintain social distancing with posters, signs and stickers.





With most people working from home in the current climate, have a look at our E-brochure options available to email to all clients.

PPE Masks


PPE Mask Information

The different masks available and how to use them.



Fitness at Home

If your employees are working from home, it is important to encourage and thank them. A branded fitness set could be the perfect gift.



Keeping Kids Occupied

With employees working from home, help keep their children occupied with these gift sets.

Work From Home Desktop

Work from Home

Take a look at our range of items for working from home.

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