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Emotion Homeware

Tell your own tale with our new range of Emotion mugs, cups and bowls! 

Made from high-end Porcelain, these little guys are a delightful addition to any office kitchen, or hotel restaurant!

Ditch those old, plain, or boring cups, and switch it up each day and introduce a new face to the world. Share a happy face to banish those Monday blues, or a sad face to signal the end of the day, with lifelike and adorable expressions, these cups won't fail to leave your staff or customers with quite an impression!

Enquire now to get your own set:

0118 40 22 777 | promote@drayton.co.uk

Emotion Bowl

- Pure hard high-quality porcelain

- Dishwasher safe

- Microwave safe

- Polished base and glazed edge

- 500ml capacity, 

- 600g weight. 


Choose from Emotions:

happy | crazy in love | sulking | tasty | kissing | grinning

Emotion bowls

These bowls are also available in 100ml and 200ml capacities, in 4 emotions, happy, grinning, kissing, and 'Oh Please' (see right!).

100ml - weight 115g

200ml - weight 300g


Coffee and Espresso

Emotion Coffee and Espresso Cups

- 4 emotions available

- Comes with both Cup and Saucer

- Microwave safe

- Dishwasher safe

- Coffee cup - 200ml capacity

- Espresso cup - 100ml capacity

Choose from emotions:

happy | 'Oh Please' | grinning | kissing

Coffee and Espresso

Emotion Mugs

- 4 emotions available

- Available both with and without a handle

- Microwave safe

- Dishwasher safe

- 330ml capacity

- Weight - 400g


Choose from emotions:

grumpy | hilarious | mischievous | puzzledEmotion mugs

Egg Cups

Emotion Egg Cups

- 6 emotions available

- Dishwasher safe

- Microwave safe

- weight - 55g

Choose from emotions:

happy | grumpy | 'Oh Please' | tasty | kissing | dreamy

Egg cups

Emotion other

Compliment your Emotion range with the addition of some plates with a little bite, and a happy Coffee-pot! 



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