We are thrilled to announce that we at DRAYTON are now Official Suppliers to the NUS! The NUS (National Union of Students) is an association of Students’ Unions in the UK.

“We’re championing students to shape the future of education – and create a better world. Education is the defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society, and students are the hope for the future of education.
We know students. We are students. We are 7 million students.”
- https://www.nus.org.uk/en/who-we-are/

This summer, four members of our team packed up our show-room in Reading and embarked on the 2-hour journey to the NUS Show in Birmingham. It was our second year exhibiting at the show and so we knew the excitement in store for us! With names like Rekorderlig, Monster, Red Bull, Costa, Crispy Cremes and Jaeger exhibiting alongside us, you can just imagine the sort of atmosphere in the room. Electrified by the passion of what they do, each person at the show was enthusiastic, eager and genuinely happy to be there.

Not only did we have our own stall at the show, but we also supplied NUS with bags for their conference the day before, along with a selection of goodies for their attendees.

Official NUS Suppliers

Our stall was filled to the brim with all the past work we have done for universities throughout the years. One of the loveliest aspects of the show is seeing those familiar faces of clients that we work with, and discussing the new ventures they wish to begin.

Official NUS Suppliers

After a long day of meeting new people and catching-up with those we know, the team packed up and headed back for Reading.

The show room is nearly back to its original state!

We look forward to what is to come now that we are Official Suppliers to the NUS.

Thank you to everyone who came along and visited our stand!