Christmas may well be 4 months away, but in the promotional world that seems to be the blink of an eye. Max, a Client Relationship Manager at Drayton, provides us with an insight on getting ready for the festive season. Having worked at the company for over 8 years, focusing mainly on the hotel sector, Max has a great deal of experience, and thus he is the ideal person to provide guidance on this topic.

“It is not unknown for hotels to order their Christmas items in February or March. Of course, there are always going to be clients who order rather last minute, but it’s best to try and sort everything as soon as possible. It just means there are more options. The closer you get to Christmas; your choices dwindle due to lead times. It also means that rather than worrying and rushing things to get done, you can take your time, choosing the perfect design and product for you and your company.”

He carries on to explain that you shouldn’t “leave ordering your Christmas items any later than October time. Some products are okay because we have short lead times, but on a few items, lead times can be as long as 4 weeks. It’s best to enquire early, find out how long your chosen products take to produce, and progress from there.”

In the past, Drayton have created an immeasurable amount of Christmas merchandise for a whole host of companies. From Game of Thrones baubles for HBO to candy canes for Aubrey Park Hotel; miniature Christmas Trees for Millennium & Copthorne to Advent Calendars for the Daily Mail.

Christmas is one of Drayton’s busiest times of year, and they expect it to be even more so this year!

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Notes to editors:

In the past, Drayton have produced Christmas items for; HBO Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, Manor House Country Hotel, Rhinefield House Hotel, Aubrey Park and so on. Drayton’s Christmas range is extensive, including; baubles, mini Christmas trees, Christmas Hampers, Christmas Confectionery, Christmas Cards, Christmas Crackers, Snow Globes, gifts for clients and staff, diaries and calendars (Advent, desktop, interactive and so forth).