Celebrating 50 years!

Drayton is a Promotional Merchandise, Printing and Office Supplies Company. With an exceptionally large product range of over 100,000 standard items, plus an infinite range of bespoke ideas, clients take comfort in knowing that for whatever occasion or need, Drayton are sure to meet their requirements. The team at Drayton are no let down either. With passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated employees, who have a meticulous attention to detail and a genuine concern to meet deadlines and needs, customers can rest assured that Drayton truly has their best interests at heart. The teams’ “no problems, just solutions” attitude means that whenever there is a slight hiccup along the way, they are quick and efficient at finding a solution. One factor that really makes Drayton stand out, is their seemingly never-ending creativity. Their ability to constantly come up with new and unique ideas to help promote one’s brand whilst maintaining a coherent and consistent brand image is always impressive.

Draytons 50th Anniversary tied in with their big move. Since 1967, Drayton was located near Heathrow Airport on the outskirts of London. However, towards the latter part of 2016 an opportunity arose to move to some larger premises in Reading, and in September they took the leap. The new building means more space; with an open show room and two manicured meeting rooms, it is tailored to client visits. To mark the move and their anniversary, Drayton had an open day event, attended by both current and new clients. With bespoke shaped 50th goodie bags, packed with some of Drayton’s favourite products, a full spread of buffet food and bubbly flowing, the event proved to be a success

2017 has been a big year for Drayton thus far and we look forward to seeing what they’ve got in store next!