Top picks for the arts

With over 40'000 products in our catalogue, it can be quite a daunting task finding the right one for you. In our new blog series, we want to give a helping hand, by showcasing some of our top picks for different industries, and hopefully help point you in the right direction!

We're kicking off this new series with our Top picks for the Arts Industry. From theatres to dance schools, publishing firms to TV & Film companies, the Arts cover quite a wide variety of people and roles, so we've broken things down a bit into different sections, and provided our top 3 product ideas, which we hope will offer some inspiration. 

Front of House:

1, Programmes - We all know what a programme is, and that for any kind of show, they are a necessity, so it's no wonder they are one of our top picks. We like to jazz up our programmes and make them a bit different (ever thought of adding glitter? Or UV, Gold Foil or added Textures?), to help you really stand out from the crowd in the best possible way.

2. Bespoke Gifts - From shaped memorabilia to confectionery, there's nothing quite like a gift that is completely bespoke for your show. Take the stress Genie Lamp for example - perfect for Aladdin wouldn't you say - the options are truly endless!

3. Membership and Loyalty Cards - It's always nice to give a little something back to our customers, and these lovely little card holders are a fantastic way to do just that whilst kepping your name on the top of people's tongues, 

Front of House


There was so much choice for cast members, we couldn't narrow it done to just 3 products, so we've split it into two parts instead!

Cast Pt 1:

1. Salad Set - When you are working long and arguably 'unsociable' hours, it sometimes be hard to find time to eat. This salad container is perfect for those on go, so is definitely in our top picks for Cast members. Featuring a fork and separate container for dressings, it has everything you need for a quick bite.

2. Infuser Water Bottle - It's important to stay hydrated, and these infuser bottles are ideal for adding a touch of flavour to your high intensity rehearsals.

3. Fitness Set - Being a performer is a tough gig, and it's important to stay physically fit, which is why this 5 piece kit is a perfect fit. Includes: jump rope, resistance band, expander and two hand grips.


Cast Pt 2:

4. Garments - From hoodies to tracksuits and leggings to leotards, we have a wide range of active wear garments ideal for training and rehearsing in. We carry several name brands as well including Nike and Adidas.

5. Sticky Note Bookmark - Ideal for when you are working with scripts, this handy product combines a bookmark, sticky note dispenser and a ruler, making it one incredibly useful tool!

6. Bespoke USBs - We all need USBs in our lives, and these bespoke USBs are a fantastic way to maintain brand promotion and stay memorable. We can provide them in a range of capacity, speeds, styles and colours and can even pantone match. 

Cast 2


1. ''Little Bit of Everything" Sets - Practical sets sure to satisfy all your backstage requirements. Whether you are looking for desk accessories, travel mugs, power banks or multi-tools, we're sure to have the perfect set for you. Each set is available in a variety of colours to choose from. 

2. Clapperboard Desktidy - This is a favourite of ours for its unique look! A compact desktidy for yourself, your staff, students or clients. These desktidy's can be fully branded with your name and logo, and are a fantastic tool for keeping all those wayward pens in one place!

3. Headtorch - Backstage can be pretty manic, and for crew members running around it's important to stay safe and be able to watch where you are going, making these headtorches a vital accessory! Made of AVS with a 1 watt LED, these feautre a movable headtorch for directional light beam.


Extra:3-in-1 Pen

Leaving it at just 3 products was a bit difficult again, so here is one extra for Cast members that we really love!

3-in-1 Pen: A pen, stylus and USB all in one tool, and perfect for those on the move and in a rush! This is one pen you won't want to lose!

Showcases and Exhibitions:

While showcases and exhibitions would largely require similar types of products and marketing, here we offer some different options for each, to highlight the wide range of items we can offer (and only partly to get round trying to narrow it down to just 3!)


1. Drawstring Bags - Great for personal use and giveaways, these vibrant bags are a fantastic way to bring attention to your brand and message. With Full colour print, and seam to seam coverage, these bags offer the maximim branding space possible.

2. Spray Watter Bottles - Attractive water bottles with a rather useful spray function. Perfect for dance exhibitions and sowcases, for those who need to keep hydrated and cool!

3. Wristbands - We have a huge range of different wristbands, from silicone to fabric, glow in the dark or segmented colours. These can be embossed, debossed, printed or colour infilled. Fabric wristbands are also a fantastic option for festivals/security purposes.



1. Tablecloth - With a huge advertising space, a branded tablecloth is a must 

5. iPad Display - A smart and attractive way to secure your tablet at showcases and exhibitions.

6. Brochure Display - Another simple and attractive way to have your brochures and/or prospectuses on show. This looks especially smart when paired with the iPad display!