Valentines Day is just around the corner, and there is no better time of year to show your clients you care!

We know there is a lot of choice when it comes to Valentines day gifts, and as the ultimate marmite day, different people will appreciate different things. So here are some of our top picks for what to give your clients, whether it be a Valentines classic, something more practical, or something just for them, we're sure we can help you find the perfect gift!

Can't see anything you like, or looking for some more inspiration? Get in touch with us directly and our team of creative guru's will be sure to think of something you can't help but love!

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Classical Valentines Gifts:

These timeless gifts always go down a treat:

  • 1. Prosecco - Treat your clients to a bottle of bubbly, fully branded with your logo on a bespoke label - this gift will be sure to grab your client's attention! Why not add a chocolate flower for that extra special touch
  • 2. Bears - With the option to brand a jumper, or ribbon, our range of bears are an ideal gift this Valentines day.
  • 3. Chocolates and sweets - The truly traditional Valentines gift - from a card with heart shaped chocolate, to your own branded love hearts, we have the perfect option for your marketing campaign. 

Practical Gifts:

These gifts not only show you care, but are handy for everyday use as well!

  • 1. Glassware - From decanters to wine glasses, or even candle holders, our range of glassware holds the perfect professional gift that can subtly spread your logo or message.
  • 2. Stress items - We know Valentines day isn't for everyone, and we all get a little bit stressed a work, so help your customers tackle this with a twist on the traditional stress ball!
  • 3. Stationery - Be it paper clips or a usb, we all need a steady supply on stationery on our work desk, and what better way to always be in your client's mind than putting your logo in their hands in a funky Valentines pen!

The personal touch...

Treat your client with a gift that will help them to relax. These may not be traditionally 'Valentines' but they'll be sure to make your client's feel special.

  • 1. Spa gifts - Who doesn't love a bit of tlc every now and then. Choose from a range of spa sets and gifts to help your clients unwind. 
  • 2. Scented candles - for those who love to meditate. We have a wide selection of scented candles and incense that can be fully branded, and light up any room!
  • 3. Hot chocolate and branded mugs - mugs are always a fantastic promotional item to choose, let's face it, we all have one sat on our desk at some point! Pair a Valentines day mug with some branded hot chocolate for some added luxury your clients will love. 
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